We Understand Software Technology and Law

We have a broad understanding of the interplay between software and law. Beyond intellectual property matters, we have previously helped our clients with a variety of software-related litigation matters, including:

  • Criminal
  • Personal Injury
  • False Claims Act

Services We Provide

  • Evaluate the material pertinent to the case
  • Review and analyze software artifacts
  • Conduct forensic analysis of digital products
  • Prepare and present tutorials to help the court with understanding the complex technical concepts in the case
  • Preparation of expert report
  • Deposition testimony
  • Trial testimony

Selected Prior Engagements

Morton v. Henry County 911 Emergency Communications, et al.
Jurisdiction: Circuit Court of Henry County, Missouri
Case No.: 19CA-CC00256
Counsel: Patton & Ryan LLC
Nature of suit: Personal Injury

United States of America v. Alexander Rousseau
Jurisdiction: Southern District of Florida
Case No: 14-20243-KMM(s)
Counsel: U.S. Department of Justice
Nature of Suit: Criminal

United States ex rel. Hooper v. Lockheed Martin Corp.
Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Central District of California
Case No: 2:08-cv-00561BRO(PJWx)
Counsel: The Cullen Law Firm PLLC
Nature of Suit: False Claims Act