Mobile Software

Android, iOS, Internet of Things, Kotlin, Swift, AppStore, Google Play, Android Studio, Xcode, AppStore, Google Play, etc.

Internet and Web Application

HTML, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Multi- and Single-Page Applications, React, Angular, Apache, NodeJS, etc.

Abstraction Filtration Comparison, Code Quality Metrics, Beyond Compare, PowerGrep, Understand by ScieTools, SonarQube, Design Recovery, etc. 

Relational Database Management Systems, NoSQL Database Management Systems, SQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

Software Engineering

UML, Design Patterns, Dependency Analysis, Architecture Recovery, Architectural Description Languages, Architecture-based Development, Software Testing, Static and Dynamic Program Analysis, Code Coverage, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, GUI Testing, Fuzz Testing, JUnit, Selenium, MicroFocus, Espresso, Google Monkey, etc.

Cloud and Web Service

AWS, Azure, Microservices, RestAPI, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Grid Computing, Resource Pooling, Multi-Tiered Web Architecture, E-Commerce Systems, client-Server Architecture, Peer-to-Peer Architecture, Publish-Subscribe Architecture, Service-Oriented Architecture, etc.

Software Security

Authentication, authorization, confidentiality, integrity, cryptography, access control, firewall, intrusion detection, malware, RSA, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition, Evolutionary Computation, etc.