Seasoned Experts for Software-Related Litigation Matters

Founded and led by Professor Sam Malek, a member of the software engineering faculty at the University of California, Cyberonix has both the academic credential and the industry experience to provide an independent and unbiased analysis of software-related disputes.

We provide software expert witness consulting to tackle the most complex litigation matters. Our software expert witness consultants have opined in a variety of litigation matters, including patent, trade secret, copyright, breach of contract, and class action lawsuits. We provide a variety of services, ranging from analysis of source code, to preparation of expert report, and presentation of our findings in the form of expert testimony at deposition and trial.

Practice Areas

Software Patent Expert Witness Services


We have been retained close to thirty times in patent matters in the District Courts, as well as Inter Partes Review (IPR) filings with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

Software Trade Secret Expert Witness Services

Trade Secret

Our software expert witness consultants have opined in several software trade secret matters in domains such as financial software, expert systems, and enterprise software.

Software Copyright Expert Witness Services


We have conducted extensive analyses of source code, including abstraction-filtration-comparison test, to opine on infringement matters related to copyright law.

Software-Related Breach of Contract Expert Witness Services

Breach of Contract

We have brought our professional experience in software industry and standard development practices to opine on disputes related to software development projects.

Software-Related Class Action Expert Witness Services

Class Action

Our experts have been engaged on several occasions in high-profile class-action lawsuits involving software-related defects in consumer products.

Expert Witness Services in Other Types of Software-Related Litigation Matters

Other Litigation Matters

We have been engaged to assist counsel with a variety of other types of litigation matters, such as criminal, personal injury, and false claims act, as well pre-litigation matters.

Areas of Expertise in Computer Science

Programming Languages

Java, C/C++, Python, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, …

Source Code Analysis

Abstraction Filtration Comparison, Code Quality Metrics, …

Software Architecture

UML, Dependency Analysis, Architecture Recovery, …

Quality Assurance

Software Testing, Static and Dynamic Analysis, Code Coverage, …

Mobile Computing

Android, iOS, Kotlin, Swift, …


Relational Database, NoSQL Database, SQL, …

Cloud and Web Services

AWS, Azure, Microservices, RestAPI, …

Software Security

Authentication, authorization, confidentiality, integrity, …

Web Applications

HTML, JavaScript, React, Angular, Apache, …

Distributed Systems

Client-Server, Publish-Subscribe, Peer-to-Peer, ..

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Expert Systems, …

Operating Systems

UNIX, Linux, Windows, MacOS, Apache, …

Top law firms have relied on our software expert witness services in high-stakes litigation matters